Regan (pallid_regina) wrote in vaghags,

Introductions, all 'round

Hi. My name is Regan and I'm a vaghag.

My addiction to Erin started about a year ago. I can't even remember who pointed me her direction, but the next thing I knew I was reading all her posts, going back into her archives and even COMMENTING to try and get her to give me more. It happened so fast, I mean...
*bites back tears*
you just don't realize it's become an addiction until it's TOO LATE.

Suddenly, I was driving to Ohio just to get a glimpse of her! I found myself waiting to see if she would mention me in her LJ, insult me, ANYTHING to show that she was still there for me, still fulfilling my NEED.

Now I'm taking things one day at a time. Sometimes I call her, but I try not to get too greedy. Yes, I'm planning a shower for her, but does that really constitute falling OFF the wagon, or is it jumping ON? Of course I still have her image plastered over every available wall space in my home, and on some of the dogs, but Rome wasn't built in a day. The candle in my VagynaShrina still burns strong, but I hope one day to know that I live VagHag Strong!
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