Janna (catseye9) wrote in vaghags,

Eulogy For a Departed Friend

As someone who witnessed the majority of Ruby's life, I have many memories that speak of the kind of person she was- someone who could make any situation an experience not to be forgotten.

Of these memories of Ruby, several always will make me think back on my friend fondly: Ticktacking at the apartment complex she lived in, picking ice cream places out of the phone book to drive to, night-time games of sardines in the church parking lot, eating peas on the front porch of her parents' house in high school, the infamous vegetarian dinner party with our "stalker", haunted house marathon weekends, meeting the random people she pulled off the sidewalk and from chatrooms, her getting out of the car and dancing in the middle of Liberty Avenue to An Everlasting Love while I mumbled something about her having Tourette's to passersby, our compilation tape "Erin and Janna Sing Lite FM", spying with a mirror and video camera on her neighbor, Tampon, who was trying to break into her own basement, spying on the Newman look alike who was going through the trash, creating clothes for a pickle, laughing very inappropriately in church at certain other people and getting in trouble with Brian, and the emergency and covert trip to Uniontown to find out if her bf had truly gone on vacation and all of the creative ways of trying to figure out where he actually lived.

I'm sure Ruby is in heaven at this moment rollerskating with Jesus and discussing her idea for a restaurant, The Rusty Nail.
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