Regan (pallid_regina) wrote in vaghags,

Eulogy for a beloved pet...I mean FRIEND

What can someone say about a person like Erin?

*breaks down in hysterical wails and waterworks*
*gathers self, bites lip, and attempts to begin again*

She was...the mother of my children and the light of my life. I strove to be like her, to be liked by her and to like liking her, like I did.


*pulls out crumpled up wad of paper from pocket*

E is for your Energy, clear and fierce and true
R is for your Rawness, beating all through you
I is for your Ire, always ready to awake
N is for your Nose, which I never did pretend to take

I think this sums it up.

*breaks down again and has to be carried off*
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